Your professional cleanings not only allow your smile’s natural beauty to shine through, they also give our team a chance to assess your continuing dental health. Early detection of potential dental health problems is key to preventing issues from advancing to a stage where more invasive treatment methods are necessary.

If your smile is healthy or if you have already received high-quality, effective restorative dentistry, two dental visits per year is the recommendation for you to maintain your beautiful smile. And, with Dr. Helton and her dental team on your side, you will receive the best preventive care available to ensure that your smile stays bright and beautiful on each of the other 363 days of the year!

During your time with us, Dr. Helton and the clinical team comprehensively evaluate your dental health, using the most advanced instruments. Knowing that your oral health is a product of many systems working in concert, Dr. Helton and her team ensure you receive any treatment or preventive therapy necessary to ensure your health until your next visit. This may include treatments in addition to your regular, professional cleaning. For example, any signs of early gum disease will prompt us to create an immediate treatment plan designed to halt and even reverse any of the diseases progress. Early treatment is always more preferable compared to later, more invasive treatment.

At each visit, you’ll also receive instructions for proper home care that will help your smile look and feel great. You’ll feel informed and powerful, knowing much of your dental health is in your own hands! And, with Dr. Helton and her team as your dental-care partners, your continued dental health is assured.